5 healthy ways to consume protein rich diet. Everyone knows the importance of including protein rich foods in their daily diet. What we are not made aware of by nutritionist and even clinicians is the wrong approach towards this powerful nutrient. We roughly require 0.8 gm of proteins per kilogram of our body weight. But do we require as much
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eating with emotions
Best Ways to Avoid Eating With Emotions – Are you eating with emotions? Do you know that consuming your food with negative emotions can lead to poor absorption of nutrients and can lead to metabolic disorders? Let me explain how ? Āyurveda says that food is a source of energy. All human beings are deeply connected with food. The food
healthy intestines
Healthy Intestines for Healthy Mind and Body. Intestines are the largest and the longest organ in our gut. It’s divided into two parts, namely large intestine and small intestine. Even though the small intestine is called ‘small’, it’s actually longer than the large intestine. The major functions of the small intestines are assimilation of food and absorption of the nutrients.
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