Vedic Counselling


Vedic Counselling:-

Ayurvedic Counselling offers a holistic approach towards transforming your life, on all levels. Moving deeper than just the story, we open the doors to greater consciousness, working with awareness and intuition to shift and release old patterns, creating balance, health and happiness in the entire being.

There are many times in our lives when we feel blocked energetically, when there are issues and ideas that we would like some clarity on, when we don’t feel that we are living to our highest potential or manifesting our true desires.

Sometimes we have emotions that we have trouble expressing, unhealthy patterns that we hold on to, or fears that need expressing. Other times we just want someone to talk to that can help connect us to the awareness of our own being.

As an Ayurvedic Counsellor we can assist you in bringing clarity and balance on an emotional and energetic level. Not only will we help you to heal past issues, to facilitate release and create a safe and protected space for you to open in, we offer you the tools to do all of this yourself .

Benefits :-

  • Helps to achieve clarity on thoughts so that you can perceive things as they are.
  • Improve your emotional quotient.
  • Trains you to deal with day today stress
  • Guides you on vedic ways of improving communication and social behaviour
  • Inner realisation
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