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Inauguration of our clinic by Mr. Virendar Sehwag

Nadi Pariksha, An ancient art of Pulse Diagnosis.
Proven ancient art of diagnosis

Vedic Counselling, As an Ayurvedic Counsellor we can
assist you in bringing clarity and balance

Pranayama practices are given depending
upon the readings of energy

Panchakarma, which includes five major procedures,
is meant to purify mind, body & spirit

Welcome to Vedang Clinic

Vedang Clinic

We, at Vedang believe not only in treating diseases of an individual but also attaining longevity by proper fulfilment of the principles laid down in Ayurveda. The Vedang Clinic at Santacruz is headed by Dr. Rushalli Nair, a Master of Ayurvedic Medicine (M.D.), who is assisted by well experienced male and female health therapists. Dr. Rushalli Nair has specialisation in Ayurvedic Internal Medicine, she is having more than 15 years experience in this field.
At Vedang, you can enjoy the priceless benefits of Ayurveda – the science of pristine living as prescribed by Mother Nature. Vedang of the Divine is where you can pause, reflect and restore the harmony and balance of your inner rhythms.

At Vedang, we have 9 core objectives for your rejuvenation and recovery to good health and longevity

  1. Diagnose precise health pointers and explains the cause of sufferings.
  2. Understand your emotional patterns that influences the psychosomatic behaviour.
  3. Pinpoint current ailments and potential risk factors.
  4. Identify functional efficiency of all internal organs.
  5. Chalking out the best detox program to get you on a much speedier path to natural recovery
  6. Helps in building a socio-friendly lifestyle program that attempts to give you good health and enjoy the company of your near and dear ones too.
  7. Suggest a diet program that helps you obtain the best nutrition and give you high, sustained energy levels
  8. On the whole, give you an anti-ageing lifestyle that promotes a youthful you
  9. Restore mental peace and shows you a way to be unconditionally happy.

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Vedang Clinic
 The Five Elements of Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Dr. Rushalli Nair At Vedang Clinic

Ayurvedic Counselling

Dr. Rushalli Nair – Doctor with a Mission

I’m finding myself humbled by a journey filled with optimism and positivity. My nostalgia is seeking my permission to actively surge ahead with more vigour and set far more better milestones to achieve. With thousands of consultations crediting my effort; and in the recent past, after my initiation into Nadi Pariksha ( 500-600 Nadi Parikshas to my credit), I feel honoured and fortunate for the divine to have chosen me for this mission!

Vedang Clinic started in January 2008 with my humble beginnings. I nurtured it with love and care and grew up with Vedang. Vedang Clinic is where our ayurvedic counselling is happening.

Service has been my motto. There were days when I used to reach the clinic at 5.30 am for Vamana, waited till late night to support and comfort my patients undergoing therapies. I am remembering all those powerful nostalgic memories today as I take another step forward in launching my website. Staying in the Clinic and serving my patients who came in trusting me made me forget all my stress and pain. That’s a beauty of Ayurveda I want you to see! Integrating one’s consciousness with that of your patients! Once a Vaidya always a Vaidya.. You start breathing, eating, sleeping and living Ayurveda… It empowers your core and nourishes you fundamentally.

I wanted to excel in my work. I kept praying for divine guidance and help!
September 2015 was a milestone in my journey as I met my gurudeva Nadi Vaidya Shri.Ravishankar Krishnamurthy. He is very versatile in the science of Ravana Nadi Pariksha and the ancient science of Yoga Shastra, Chhaya Shastra, Swara Yoga and Marma Chikitsa. He initiated me into an almost forgotten powerful ancient diagnostic vidya called Ravana Nadi. To empower me spiritually, he initiated me into Kriya Yoga and Devi sadhana. He transformed me completely on a psycho-physiological and spiritual level.

As a true Guru should be, he has played the role of being my mother, father, friend and philosopher and guided me throughout. His energy is working as a catapult and I continue to rise powerfully as a Vaidya that I am today. I also stand tall as a proud, strong lady.

I find myself proudly working with him shoulder to shoulder, learning day and night, enhancing my knowledge and nurturing my overall being. Millions and millions thanks to him for showering his grace on me.

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Vedang Clinic

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic tool to understand the psycho-physiological energy patterns in the body….

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Vedic Counselling

Vedic Counselling

Ayurvedic Counselling offers a holistic approach towards transforming your life, on all levels….

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Prana – life force. Ayama – Conscious regulation of breathe to alter states of consciousness….

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Panchakarma is a set of five procedures which involves the bio- purification of body, mind and spirit….

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Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurvedic Cooking

Whether you want to loose weight or find the most suitable diet for your body type to bring you optimum health, understanding Ayurvedic Cooking is must for you. I have grown up in a very traditional maharashtrian family where I have seen my mother cooking for the family. As cooking was one of my hobbies, I have learnt her recipes too….

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Our Happy Clients Say

Vedang Clinic

Very happy to share my recent experience.

Dr. Rushali is a very talented Ayurvedic doctor who is an expert in ancient science of Nadi Pariksha. She intuitively deciphered my entire medical horoscope and was able to pin point my deep rooted issues. This is just amazing. Infact,… Read more… “Very happy to share my recent experience.”


Thank you for these lessons and blissful experience

I have been under the care of Dr Rushalli Nair who I fondly call as chechi. Having few healing sessions with her has made me believe that no matter what you want to achieve, the universe is within you to achieve it… Read more… “Thank you for these lessons and blissful experience”

Anita Dongre

I am very grateful to Dr. Rushalli for all her help

When I first walked into Vedang clinic for my Naadi Pariksha consultation, I was expecting a lengthy discussion about my ‘dosha’ and my list of symptoms. Little did I expect that by simply feeling my pulse (in an extremely methodical… Read more… “I am very grateful to Dr. Rushalli for all her help”

Azmin Austin

I have had a long history of dealing with skin issues

I have had a long history of dealing with skin issues like rashes, dermatitis and eventually pigmentation. After visiting a lot of dermatologists who essentially recommended steroid based creams and harsh ointments which made my skin worse I wanted to… Read more… “I have had a long history of dealing with skin issues”

Priyanka D

Dr. Rushali Nair is very humble doctor

Dr. Rushali Nair is very humble doctor who can take care of your health She is very positive approach for finding disease. Thanks Dr. For being all time when needed.

Bharti Bhaiya

Dr. Nair has a very sound knowledge of Ayurveda and healing

Dr. Nair has a very sound knowledge of Ayurveda and healing. She has really made a huge impact on my mother’s health and well-being with her guidance and interventions. Dr. Nair understood the challenges faced by my mother in the… Read more… “Dr. Nair has a very sound knowledge of Ayurveda and healing”

Anukool Bharadwaj

Dr. Rushalli is an accomplished professional.

Dr. Rushalli is an accomplished professional. She has gained sufficient mastery over the said and the unsaid and addresses questions you haven’t asked as well via nadipariksha. For those who are looking at a real solution to physical, emotional, physiological… Read more… “Dr. Rushalli is an accomplished professional.”

M Sawant

Dr. Rushalli is just brilliant

Dr. Rushalli is just brilliant!! She has a holistic approach of healing mind and body with therapy and counselling. Extremely patient in treating the clients, gives her 100%, approachable and equally accurate. Being with her has helped me understand my… Read more… “Dr. Rushalli is just brilliant”

Sejal Gala

She has good knowledge of Vedanta

Dr. Rushalli Nair uses Naadi pariksha to diagnose ailments and then advises treatment using a combination of ayurvedic medicine, therapy (panchkarma), diet, lifestyle & counselling to address issues at the level of body and mind (psychosomatic). She has good knowledge… Read more… “She has good knowledge of Vedanta”

Mukul Joshi

Keen to experience Ancient Treatments

Dr Nair is very human, listen to her patients by taking time in listening to them as cares for their well being. She constantly keeps upgrading herself and upgrade her Vedic Science’s Knowledges in goal to offer solutions to whom… Read more… “Keen to experience Ancient Treatments”

Ameerah Fattal

Dr. Rushalli is excellent doctor

Dr. Rushalli is excellent doctor having huge experience in her field. Very good approach to treat her patients. Very satisfied. Highly recommended her. A professional ayurvedic clinic that has a knowledgeable and well trained staff. Dr. Rushali provided a comprehensive… Read more… “Dr. Rushalli is excellent doctor”


Thank you very much for treating my skin allergy

Thank you very much for treating my skin allergy and providing me with your guidance towards better life. I am smarter and confident now. Thanks for your Yoga sessions which has improved my focus and approach. Thanks Dr. Rushalli. You… Read more… “Thank you very much for treating my skin allergy”

Vijayanand Sangodkar

Amazing orator and conducting successful seminars

Dr. Rushali Nair is not only the doctor who can take care of your health but can take care of your mind too. Amazing orator and conducting successful seminars throughout India and abroad as well. Very positive approach for any… Read more… “Amazing orator and conducting successful seminars”

Mona Gangakhedkar

I found A New Way Of Life

From Last 20 Years Each And Everyday I had To Take Some Sort Of Medicines To Function My Body In Its Most Bearable Conditions To Me .. I Said “The Most Bearable Conditions To Me” I Never Remember That From… Read more… “I found A New Way Of Life”

Dipak Satpute

Dr Rushali Nair is an excellent doctor

Dr Rushali Nair is an excellent doctor, I really like her approach. I quickly obtained great mental, emotional and physical benefits following her diet and advices.

Andrea Boriero

I had severe food intolerance & met Dr Rushalii at a workshop

I had severe food intolerance & met Dr Rushalii at a workshop . I was amazed that online being a big constraint how she could do my total analysis not just about the issue but revealed to me a lot… Read more… “I had severe food intolerance & met Dr Rushalii at a workshop”

Ranjula A

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