Ravana Nadi Pariksha is a powerful diagnostic tool used by Siddhas to read a person’s vibratory frequency of body, mind, and soul. These frequencies are expressed through doshas in various organs, tissues, chakras as well as Prakruti and Vikruti.

A well-trained  Nadi Vaidya can read the state of health of 12 organs, tissues and their functional efficiency in the form of their energy. Also, the health of chakras and their subtle positive effects on the body can be read successfully. It is a wonderful science which not only diagnoses but also guides and helps to give a remedy based on the final conclusion.

Ayurveda is merely not a healing system through herbs but it also empowers a person to elevate one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual energy because the final aim of Ayurveda is to help you to attain Moksha. A true Vaidya can guide you to take up this journey by helping you to integrate your energy with divine nature.

It strongly believes that every living body has the ability to naturally heal itself provided you choose to live in a state of harmony and you are consciously maintaining your energy integrated with nature.

Let’s understand what you mean by integrating your energy with nature. Let me explain. All of you must be knowing that one of the biggest sources of energy in nature is the sun. As the sun rises, our physical and emotional energy also starts becoming better. So the first rule is to wake up before sunrise. This particular time-zone is known as Bramha-muhurta. It has a very special significance in terms of spiritual, mental, and physical health.

When the sun is at its peak, our physical energy, our digestive fire, and our mental energy is also at their peak. So, Ayurveda suggests that you should take your largest meal of the day at this time. When the sun sets, our emotional and physical energy also starts going down. Some of you must have noticed that you get a bout of dullness or a bout of ‘feeling low’ at this time. Ayurveda suggests that we should take dinner during this time or within one hour after the sunset and should go to sleep within three hours after dinner.

In fact, Ayurveda has firmly specified that if you follow this lifestyle, there are chances that you may not fall sick at all, or even if you fall sick you can recover much faster. Please understand that even for medicines to go in the body and work; it requires a certain environment in the body. There are no quick fixes when it comes to your health and immunity.

Ayurveda has mentioned a biological substance called ‘Ojas’ which has a significant correlation with our immune system. It is an essence related to vitality and immunity. Modern medicine talks about the immune system which includes the Haemopoietic, endocrine, nervous and digestive system whereas the concept of Ojas corresponds to the modern medical concept of the immune system including gamma-globulin which maintains the immunity of the liver.

Ravana Nadi Pariksha To Strengthen Immunity :

There are two types of immunity – natural or inborn immunity and acquired immunity. When you receive a vaccine for smallpox or BCG it is acquired immunity which is not Ojus. Ojas is a natural resistance to fight infection. The strength of Ojus is what determines whether the internal or external factor can create disease.

On average, everyone is born with a certain strength of immunity. The factors that can diminish the strength of Ojas are a Wrong combination of food, wrong lifestyle, consuming non compatible foods, low mental and emotional energy, stress, uncontrollable and unexpressed emotions, non-supporting environment.

I would like to specifically mention non-compatible foods & bad lifestyle habits. These two issues have a long-lasting impact on your immune system. Nadi Pariksha can help you to establish your food habits, compatible food & lifestyle changes which can be followed for the rest of your life.

Also, understand that every home remedy is not suitable for all body types. There is nothing called one fits for all. Please take experts’ advice before adopting any home remedy. Home remedies can’t replace the final healing therapies. Please read our ‘myths and facts about Ayurveda‘ for in-depth understanding.

Ravana Nadi Pariksha To Strengthen ImmunityAs far as emotional issues are concerned, you can take up Vedic Counseling sessions with experts, learn Pranayama which can help you to get into a meditative state, and guide you to resolve emotional outbursts. Unresolved emotions can have a very deep impact on your organs. Ayurveda has specifically mentioned the relationship between emotions and their impact on your various organs. It’s extremely important to maintain the health of your gut. You can read ‘stay young with healthy intestines’ for further elaboration.

Panchakarma has a very special place in the Ayurvedic healing programs for the development of your immunity, rejuvenation & detoxification. I am are calling it special because it has healing effects not only on your body but also on your mind. At Vedang clinic, we conduct around 17-18 different types of Panchakarma procedures, which are designed for each client only after Nadi Pariksha and we have seen many miraculous results in my practice.

As I have mentioned earlier that Nadi Pariksha can read the health of organs Which can finally decide the strength of your immune system. Anyone who wish to stay healthy for a long time can take guidance from this Nadi Pariksha. Finally, it’s a world of survival of the fittest.

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay safe.

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