Fibroadenoma breast is a lump in the breast which is unstable and moving when you touch it. This condition is not usually painful but in some cases, they may feel tender or even painful, particularly just before a menstrual cycle. Simple fibroadenoma are about 1-3 cm in size and don’t increase the risk of developing breast cancer in the future. But in most of the cases, it plays a huge psychological pressure on the person’s mind as this is more common in young women.

Fibroadenoma develops from a lobule ( milk producing glands in the breast ). The glandular tissues and ducts grow over the lobule and form a solid lump. Though there are no specific causes given by English medicals, Ayurveda has related this issue with disturbed digestion and emotions.

Fibroadenoma Breast: Ayurveda Can Definitely Help!

It is clearly mentioned in the classical text that the activity of milk producing glands are directly dependent on your digestion and it’s healthy bi products. At the same time, it’s extremely important to maintain the emotional balance. For any individual, the area of the chest is the seat of emotions. In women, this is a very sensitive zone.

A woman is a mother too and the breast is the seat of the primary expression of nursing her own creation. It is without doubt an established fact that a mother should be happy within to produce milk. The development of fibroadenoma represents blocked emotions and the formation of unhealthy digestive bi product. detox to cleanse digestive tract and special pranayamas meant for calming and balancing psychological energies can help reducing fibroadenoma. At the same time, maintaining the healthy lifestyle and diet as per your prakruti will help to boost the immunity.


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