Ayurveda food rules
Some practical exercises for the perfect digestion mentioned in Ayurveda.   Ayurveda has some strict protocols for the diet regime. It has always emphasised the proper assimilation of the food so that one can obtain the best nutrition and prana (life energy) from the food and the Agni (the digestive fire) remains ignited. The undigested or partially digested food can
Ayurvedic foot massage
Learn how to do Ayurvedic Foot Massage for instant benefits. A regular Ayurvedic Foot Massage ( Padabhyanga ) is a wonderful practice of relaxation and rejuvenation to maintain good health. Foot massage has been exercised for thousands of years to promote a good night sleep, to take away the stress of the day and to calm the most disturbing emotional
Nasyam therapy is one of the five classical Panchakarma therapies. The procedure involves the administration of drops of either medicated oils, ghee or herbal juices in the nostrils. The duration of the course of the therapy varies from 5 to 7 days or as decided by the vaidya based on the individual’s original constitution (Prakruti ) and the altered state
Bad breath indicates not only poor oral hygiene but also the accumulation of toxins in the upper digestive tract. According to the science of Ayurveda, it is the vitiating KAPHA dosha (dominates upper respiratory and upper digestive tract) that blocks Apana Vaayu (an element that is responsible for the elimination of toxins and has natural downward movement) and bring disturbance/obstruction
Osteoarthritis Ayurvedic Treatment
Osteoarthritis is marked by symptoms like joint pain, joint stiffness, swelling of joints, restricted joint movements etc. It usually manifests in the site of the hands, neck, lower back, knees and hips. Ayurveda has two perspectives of Osteoarthritis. The first one is ‘degeneration oriented’ Osteoarthritis is known as Dhatukshayajanya and the second is due to ‘accumulation of toxins in joints’.
Treatment of Psoriasis with Ayurvedic Therapy Psoriasis is described as Kitibha in ayurvedic classical texts. The age group affected by psoriasis ranges between 25 years to 75 years. Psoriasis patches can range from a few spots of scaly patches to major eruptions that cover large areas of the body. The main symptom of Psoriasis is red or silver scaly patches
Sinusitis is marked by the expression of symptoms like headache (pain may increase when the person bends down), facial swelling, pressure on sinus tissues (around the nose), fever, nasal congestion, etc. Sometimes it is also associated with nasal polyps, sore throat, cough, tooth pain, ear pain, bad breath, and even eye pain. Sinusitis is mostly seen in the younger generation,
“Doctor, I am fed up having so many medicines Do you have anything that will enable me to avoid medicines I don’t want any medicines, I am ready to follow any other healing method!” These are the frequently asked questions by my clients these days. Can a doctor work without medicines? Definitely yes and that’s where the science of Ayurveda
Few facts you must know before introducing any seed in your diet. As per the science of Ayurveda, Seeds are powerful, strong and not so easily digestible food. Always consider your constitution, lifestyle before introducing any new food (including seeds) in your diet. Especially, when it is not grown/cooked in Indian soil. Most of the seeds have medicinal properties which
Does Ayurveda offer therapies or treatments for issues related to mental health? This is one of the most common questions I have been asked by my clients. They have been given the impression that consuming medicines is the only answer offered by every doctor. Unfortunately, all the other branches of medicines have medicines for each and every issue but they

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