Nadi Pariksha


Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic tool to understand the psycho-physiological energy patterns in the body.

This information when related to the mind-body activity translates to the following information;

  • The existing bio-rhythm in the body called ‘Vikruti’
  • The original vibratory frequency called ‘Prakruti’, otherwise known as the ‘Original Constitution’.
  • The effects of the changing thought and emotional patterns which affect the body and their symptoms.
  • The state of the health of organs and their functional efficiency in the form of their energy.
  • The state of the health of the metabolic activity in the body as well as in the 7 tissues in the body such as Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Nerves as well as Reproductive
  • The health of the psychic centres of energy or Chakras and their subtle causative effects on the body
  • The expression of ailments in the body and the cause of these ailment.

Do’s and Don’ts for Nadi Pariksha

  • Nadi Pariksha is performed on an empty stomach. You cannot have a bath or consume any food or beverage except ordinary water.
  • Nadi Pariksha is done between 7.30 am till 10.30 am
  • Yoga, Exercise or any other form of physical activity including walking and Pranayamas cannot be performed.
  • Please refrain from consuming Alcohol or smoking at least 48 hours before the Nadi Pariksha.
  • For ladies, If you are going through your monthly ovulation cycle, Nadi Pariksha can be done only 2 days after the complete cycle is over.
  • Remove your Nail polish from your nails to facilitate checking of nails to complete diagnosis.
  • If there is any other form of medication you are undergoing currently, please inform me well in advance before your date for Nadi Pariksha so that you can be suitably advised and will have time to consult your doctor for the same.
  • If you are consuming Steroids or Antibiotics, refrain from doing so 48 hours before the Nadi Pariksha. You may want to consult your doctor for this.
  • If you are undergoing Chemo-Therapy, then you will have to wait for the Nadi Pariksha to be performed on you only after 20 days.
  • In case of Dialysis, Nadi Pariksha can be performed only a week after the Dialysis, if it’s only 1 dialysis per week; or after 15 days if more than one dialysis is being done per week. Also, it will depend on the age and current health of the patient.

You will get the following


  • A total analysis of your ailment starting from the cause, the health of organs, the symptoms and their expressions is mentioned.
  • Consultation lasts up to 1 hour
  • Lifestyle plan
  • Diet Plan
  • Right food combination with do’s & don’ts
  • Prescription
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