Best Ways to Avoid Eating With Emotions – Are you eating with emotions? Do you know that consuming your food with negative emotions can lead to poor absorption of nutrients and can lead to metabolic disorders? Let me explain how ?

Āyurveda says that food is a source of energy. All human beings are deeply connected with food. The food is easiest and the quickest way to emote with. Whenever we are happy, we celebrate with food. When we are sad or emotionally low, we grab food that can quickly satiate us. But at the same time do we respect food? Do we eat food for the sake of eating or we are eating because we are genuinely hungry?

All the religions in the world teach us to offer our prayers to the Almighty for giving us food. In fact, it is said that our digestive fire or Agni is our God and eating food is like an offering to him.

But many of us prefer to watch TV, check our mobiles or gossip while consuming our meals! By doing so, we are actually killing the whole intent of consuming food. This can lead to poor secretion of digestive enzymes which is responsible for good digestion, absorption and assimilation of the food. The metabolic rate can go down leading to slow digestion, weight gain, constipation, lethargy, acid indigestion and so on. It is also important to avoid eating with emotions to maintain healthy intestines.

How to avoid eating with emotions?

  1. Learn to assess your emotions and gain control over them.
  2. Make sure while eating that your environment is peaceful and your mind is in a state of harmony.
  3. Avoid detailed discussions, chatting or talking over the phone while eating.
  4. No checking mail or messages while eating please
  5. Always eat food that is most compatible with your constitution.

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