Welcome to Vedang Clinic

We, at Vedang believe not only in treating diseases of an individual but also attaining longevity by proper fulfillment of the principles laid down in Ayurveda. The Vedang Clinic at Santacruz is headed by Dr. Rushalli Nair, a Master of Ayurvedic Medicine (M.D.), who is assisted by well experienced male and female health therapists.

Dr. Rushalli Nair specialization in Ayurvedic Internal Medicine, she is having more than 10 years experience in this field.

At Vedang, you can enjoy the priceless benefits of Ayurveda – the science of pristine living as prescribed by Mother Nature. Vedang of the Divine is where you can pause, reflect and restore the harmony and balance of your inner rhythms.

At Vedang, we have 9 core objectives for your rejuvenation and recovery to good health and longevity

  1. Diagnose precise health pointers and explains the cause of sufferings
  2. Understands your emotional patterns that influences the psychosomatic behavior
  3. Pinpoints current ailments and potential risk factors
  4. Identifies functional efficiency of all internal organs
  5. Chalking out the best detox program to get you on a much speedier path to natural recovery
  6. Helps in building a socio-friendly lifestyle program that attempts to give you good health and enjoy the company of your near and dear ones too
  7. Suggests a diet program that helps you obtain the best nutrition and give you high, sustained energy levels
  8. On the whole, gives you an anti-ageing lifestyle that promotes a youthful you
  9. Restores mental peace and shows you a way to be unconditionally happy