I have had a long history of dealing with skin issues like rashes, dermatitis and eventually pigmentation. After visiting a lot of dermatologists who essentially recommended steroid based creams and harsh ointments which made my skin worse I wanted to work with someone who had a more holistic approach.
Dr Rushalli did my naadi pariksha and her diagnosis was spot on – she was able to identify a lot of my issues simply by checking my pulse and went on to prescribe medications which were plant based and I saw a change in my skin health fairly quickly.
What I appreciated a lot more was the fact that treatment is three-pronged – it looks at diet, lifestyle and your mental health. She focuses on an overall lifestyle change and improvement which gives you the tools and resources to live a healthier life as opposed to just encouraging you to take pills and herbs as a spot treatment for your problem.
A change in lifestyle for me has resulted in more energy, less stress and just a sense of feeling more anchored.
As a doctor, she is also very available and patient and goes the extra mile to help you with your questions and doubts and is genuinely invested in your healing journey.
I would highly recommend Dr Nair and also opting for Ayurveda if you have health issues which have been persist for a long time and also if you are looking to live a build a healthy routine for your physical and mental health!

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