From Last 20 Years Each And Everyday I had To Take Some Sort Of Medicines To Function My Body In Its Most Bearable Conditions To Me .. I Said “The Most Bearable Conditions To Me”

I Never Remember That From Last 20 Years There Was A Single Day When I feel Healthy… Happy.. And Peaceful..

I was Suffering From  Lots Of Chronic Health Issues For. Asthma.. Allergic Rhinitis.. Poor Sleep . Constipation and Chronic Fatigue..Now These Are Physical Issues.. On A Psychological Front I was Suffering From Chronic Anxiety And Depression..

After Consulting With Many Physicians And Specialist And Consuming Lots Of Anti- Biotics, Anti – Allergic Medicines, Anti Depressants And Lots of Sedatives.. For A Much Longer Period..  I Came To Realise That Alopathic Approach Of Diagnosis And Medicines Is Never Going To Help Me To Get Rid Of My Issues as Well It Has Some Contribution To Complicate My Health Issues..

My First Nadi Pariksha Experience Was Amazing.. After Checking My Pulse Dr. Rushali Nair   Said  “There Is Lot Of Anger And Grudge That You Had Keep Holding Inside You..  And You Will Not Get Healed Till You Don’t Let It Go” It Was Damn True..  How Could She Knew That I Kept Wondering..

For The First Time I Introspect  My Anger And How The Stress From That Anger Is Creating Some Tension  Inside My Stomach.. There Was Only Way To Get Rid Of This Anger And Grudge.. That Was I Had To Express It For The Sake Of Catharsis.. I Just Kicked 3 To 4 Times To The Empty BarrelWith All The rage inside Me Of Water Assuming That Person Is That Empty Barrel.. And Suddenly I felt Little Bit Lightness Inside My Stomach And My Head.. It Was A Eureka Moment for Me.. In That Lightness  Realisation Came  About A Connection Between Your Gut And Emotions. I Confront That Person On Whome I Was Angry.. I Express Myself Completely Infront Of Him..What I Really Feel About Him.. How I Get Triggered By Him Emotionally.. And What I Did To Release My Anger.. That Person Was completely Receptive, Assertive Towards Me And We Actually Had A Very Healthy Conversation.. Our Conversation Was Ended Up With Round Of Laughters With Extreme Joy.. And That Sets Me Free..

Expression That Was The Key… I Was Suppresing Myself Out Of Fear.. And That Was The Reason  Why I Was Always Stressed Up..

At That Moment First Time In My Life I Felt Sense Of Gratitude. Inside Me.  I Never Felt It Before.. That Was The Beginning Of My Healing..

Healing Of My Mind.. And It Was All Because Of Dr. Rushali Nair ..

After that The Cloudiness  Around My Mind Was Gone.. In My Opinion  It Was The Moment of Demolition Of  The Biggest Wall Of Hindrance Coming Towards My Healing…

As many Doctors I Met In My Lifetime.. Nobody Put That Much Emphasis On Dietary Restrictions And Life Style changes As Dr Rushali Nair Did.. So It Was Almost The Most Toughest Part Of My Life To Adapt That.. But Tremendous Pushing And Encouragement Of Dr. Rushali Nair Finally After A Month I Manage To Wake Up Early In The Morning At 5.00 am . I Never Felt So Fresh In Tune.. And Charged For The Rest Of The Day  In My Whole Life Time.. It Made Me Realise How Your Bodies Bio Rhythm Works.. And How It Flows In Its Natural Way..  That Was The Complete Opposite Of Chronic Fatigue Which I Was Experiencing From Last 10 Years.. I had Tried Waking Up Early In The Morning Long Before Once In A While But I am Sure That The Dietary Restriction Advice And The Prescriptions Given By Dr. Rushali Nair Created A Right Favorable Condition inside The Body And Mind  To ‘AdAPT This Lifestyle Change..’

My Tobaco Addiction Was Also Great Challenge For Me. Almost From 3rd Day I Started Experiencing  Sort Of Calmness  Inside My Body And Mind.. And That Calmness Help To introspect My Inner Conflicts Neutrally. And How They are Creating Anxiety. Beacause My Tobaco Addiction And My Anxiety Is Interconnected.. Dr. Rushali Nairs Medicines As Well As Their Moral Support And Boost Help Me To Deal With My Long Term Addiction Of Tobaco..

Almost In First 45 Days I Was  Tobaco Free And Inhaler Free..

Dr. Rushali Nair’s Counselling Helped Me To Develop A New Perspective Of My Life. And That Perspective Is Your Mind Is A Software And You Could Programme  It. And I Think That Programing Is Going In A Right Direction.. It’s All Because Of Dr. Rushali Nair.

Her Words Was Not Sugar Coated It Was Always Straight forward But It Was An Eye Opener..  You Could Always Feel The Warmth Beneath Them.

One More Thing I Wanted To Add Is About The Place Vedang Clinic. I Experiences Some Sort Of Serenity And Sancity Every Time When I Visits The Clinic. Akash.. He Is The Staff Of Vedang Clinic.. He Is A very humble Guy.. Very Much Attentive.. He Explains Me How To Take Medicines. I want To Mention A Small Incidence. One day I Had a Sore Throat And Dr. Rushali Nair Gave A Powder. Akash Explains Me That You Have To Add Honey And  Make A Thick Mixture Of It. That Tiny Detail Has A  Big Importance of Effectiveness In That Medicine It Shows The Level Of Concern  and Dedication For The Patient And His Work Which Is Commendable I Thought.

I am Experiencing A Complete Shift In My Mindset And Tremendous Change On Energy Level. I found A New Way Of Life.. My Constant Search For Healing And The Healer Has Finished.. I am Proceeding Towards A New  holistic And Comlpete Blissfull Life And All The Credit Goes To Dr. Rushali Nair And Vedang Clinic.

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