When I first walked into Vedang clinic for my Naadi Pariksha consultation, I was expecting a lengthy discussion about my ‘dosha’ and my list of symptoms. Little did I expect that by simply feeling my pulse (in an extremely methodical and thorough process), Dr. Rushalli would be able to tell me things about myself of which I wasn’t even aware – at the physical, mental and emotional level. It only took a little contemplation from my side to realise how accurate her analysis had been.

This gave me the confidence to proceed with a 10 day treatment plan at the clinic, tailor-made to my needs. With each session of the (shirodhara) therapy, I felt the experience become deeper for me, giving me a sense of deep relaxation, putting me into an almost meditative, blissful state. I also started noticing how this feeling of calm stayed with me through the day.

For me personally, the highlight of the treatment were the mind counselling sessions, in which I was once again amazed at the doctor’s ability to dissect my mental/emotional situation and help me understand how that was affecting my physical health. She gave me logical, practical solutions to deal with the same, along with advise on my overall lifestyle and diet. Having implemented these changes, I can already tell the difference – I feel more energetic and happy! I am very grateful to Dr. Rushalli for all her help and highly recommend her!

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