Everyone knows the importance of including protein based foods in their daily diet. What we are not made aware by nutritionist and even clinicians is the wrong approach towards this powerful nutrient. We roughly require 0.8 gm of proteins per kilogram of our body weight. But do we really require as much for our daily consumption?

Let’s have a look at the most common source of high protein foods in our daily Indian diet for example. The list includes all kinds of Daals, Pulses, Chana , Rajma, Soybeans, all kinds of meat, seafood and eggs, yogurts etc.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, these foods are heavy to digest and require a good Agni/digestive fire to digest and assimilate.

I have noticed in my clinical practice that people are blindly following diet rules and prefer to go by numbers (how much protein) given to them by their dietitian/nutritionist. It is observed that if you don’t improve your overall Agni or the digestive fire, the unscientific consumption of these type of food intake dulls the digestive system and creates problems like acid indigestion, slow digestion, constipation, fatigue, difficulty in sleeping and even low mental energy.

What you should do to prevent such situations?

  1. Understand your Constitution known as the Prakruti. Eg. Kapha constitution people may not require as much protein as Pitta Constitution.
  2. Observe your hunger make sure that you are not emotionally eating. When you are not hungry, do not consume simple foods.Make an effort to be aware of your physical and mental energy and plan your meals accordingly.
  3. Certain high protein foods like black daal/Rajma/China/soybeans when unscientifically consumed lead to bloating, hyper-acidity etc.
  4. Avoid combining two or more proteins in one meal. Eg. meat and daal.
  5. Do not consume high proteins at night.
  6. Make sure that dinners should happen around 7:30 PM and it’s a lightest meal of the day.

Do not blindly follow free advises given in newspaper/social media there is nothing called “one fit for all”

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