Ayurveda’s approach to bring out the best benefits of eating fruits daily

Fruits are nature’s gift to mankind. They are healthy and loaded with natural sugar and micronutrients. As per the science of Ayurveda, fruits are pure nectar that improves Rasa Dhatu (nutritional fluid) and brings lustre to the skin. Fresh fruits are easy to digest and help to rise, Ojas, the best derivative of digestion enrich immunity, strength & happiness. You will notice more energy and a sense of satisfaction from consuming fresh, seasonal fruit on daily basis. In Ayurveda, fresh fruits are also valued for their ability to purify the body of toxins. 

To achieve the best health benefits for fruits, Ayurveda has mentioned the following rules.

How fruits should be consumed? 

Respect fruits – to get the best benefits of the fruits, they should be eaten alone. So, eat them without adding extra flavors. Many people practice adding salt, pepper, and chat masala to the fruit. This can destroy the original sweetness of the fruit. Plus combining the sweet with salt or spice can lead to an acid-alkali imbalance in the gut. The same rule goes for mixing fruit with milk or curd/yoghurts. Avoid having smoothies and milkshakes for the same reason.  

What is the best time to eat fruits? 

The best time to have fruit is the morning time. In Ayurveda, post-sunset time is naturally dominated by Kapha dosha. Excess sweet fruits (or food) are not advised at night. It is also advised not to start your day with fruits. The digestive fire is at its peak after the overnight fasting in the morning. Since fruits are cooling by nature, it can slow down the metabolism and create disturbed digestion which can lead to frequent colds, and coughs and aggravate sinus congestion. Fruits can be taken between 10 am to 5 pm for the best outcomes. 

How much fruit should be taken? 

Watch the quantity – less is more – as per the science of Ayurveda, one should eat any food only when hungry. You can easily have a bowl of fruits twice daily or as per your appetite and metabolism. Be aware before choosing the quantity as fruits are loaded with sugar and fibre. Avoid having juices as much as possible.

Can different fruits be mixed? 

Avoid too much mixing of fruits – prefer one fruit at a time. Avoid mixing acidic fruits like berries or oranges with alkaline fruits like pomegranates or pears. 

Can anyone consume dried fruits on daily basis? 

Practice Zero-dried fruits – dried fruits are best consumed in geographical regions where fresh fruits cannot be cultivated because of many environmental factors. Dry fruits (which are either sun-dried or shadow dried) are heavy on digestion due to their low water content. Though they are best as a quick snack option, you end up consuming more than needed and can end up loading your system with more sugar than required. Individuals with low sugar metabolism and slow digestion should be more mindful before consuming dry fruits. 

Super-fruits in Ayurveda and its benefits

Fruits 1

Amla/Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry 

Amla is considered a ‘divine’ food that facilitates health and longevity. It can be preserved in sugar before consumption. It is also the biggest source of vitamin C and hence used as an immunity booster for thousands of years in the Indian continent. Amla is compatible with all body types. 


Grapes are mentioned as the best among the fruits in ayurvedic classical texts. The extract of grape is used as a preventive and anti-ageing medication in many formulations. 


Popularly known as a ‘king’ of fruits. Unripe mango can vitiate Vata and Pitta. Ripe and sweet mango nourishes the tissue and is considered a tonic. Mango grown in summer is the best. Mango of the other season is considered unnatural and acidic. 


This is a very good fruit of choice in the case of acid peptic disorders, ulcerative colitis, diarrhoea, and IBS. It is also known to have immunomodulatory properties as it releases Nitrous Oxide into the system which is directly responsible for maintaining the strength of the immune system. 


This pulpy fruit is good for instant energy and balancing hormones. Pears are light, sweet and compatible with all body types

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