Panchkarma introduction

With Devi’s blessings and my Gurudeva’s guidance, I am starting a series of articles on Panchkarma, its meaning and its therapeutic effects. In my 15 years of practice of Ayurveda and successfully running a Panchakarma clinic, I have seen many miraculous results of from Panchakarma therapies. At the same time, it is disheartening that I see patients and general people having huge confusion and misunderstandings about this word. I feel it’s high time to throw light on this very important aspect of an Ayurvedic treatment all over again.

The name Panchakarma is very carelessly used and gets misquoted and misunderstood for an Ayurvedic massage. Thanks to untrained, local messieurs who go door to door to provide a ‘feel good factor’. The name Panchkarma is so carelessly used that it’s curative effects have been totally sidelined and it has remained largely confined to ‘spas’, ‘cross massages with no curative value’, ‘retreats’ and ‘resorts’ where the name Panchkarma is totally exploited as it has become a sort of fashion statement.

Ayurveda has introduced a system of detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and mind to strike a cordial balance between the two. These imbalances are the product of various inharmonious activities and indiscipline lifestyles and food habits which totally goes against the biological clock. These habits in turn create a lot of toxins and we begin to suffer illnesses.

In the articles that follow, the term Panchakarma will be explained in detail. Also,various powerfully curative therapies will be highlighted for your understanding. Expertise on the subject only can reveal the true knowledge about this powerful detoxification and rejuvenation programme.