Lifestyle plan for a Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is not a program that happens automatically. It does not also happen out of your wish to lose weight. There is a systematic, scientific effort to make it happen.

It is not difficult to lose weight if you follow the scientific process that is so painstakingly researched according to core Ayurvedic principles. If you seriously want to lose weight, this article is for you.

Weight gain a gradual process. It happens when you lead your life seeking pleasure in food and in sense appeasement oriented lifestyles. As you go on enjoying life, you realize that you are gently bloating in a blissful environment. Your food preferences also become a delightful experience that will befit a connoisseurs taste.

But such experiences without recourse to a right lifestyle plan can take its toll and you will suddenly seem to be rounded and heavier. Your cheeks will swell with extra health and your blood will be over fed with pleasurable fats.

Would you want to continue this way, you would not get far before obesity strikes you and you begin to feel lethargic, over sized, sleepy, having low energy and enthusiasm and will feel burdened to perform simple physical chores. Even climbing steps or a fast walk will sap your energy.

Let us look at a gentle change for you. This gentle change will get you going towards good health and make you lose a few kilos. We shall explore a few health pointers to start with in this article. The following articles will give more tips to get you on a healthy lifestyle, diet, Ayurvedic massage tips as well as a few acupressure pointers.

  1. Look forward to a great sunshine and the call of birds – An early morning at sunrise is a great way to lose weight. This may seem a little funny but its true. You will realize this truth in the next point.
  2. Eat your last meal early – Finishing your meal one hour after sunset is a great idea. Before you go to bed, just have a glass of milk. When you wake up in the morning, go for a walk on an empty stomach. This will make the body consume fats to obtain energy while you are on the walk. We will give you recipes to help you lose weight in our next article.
  3. Your meals should be had responsibly. Consume 2 heavy meals spaced appropriately, one for breakfast and the other at dinner. Eat early. Walk and be active before you go to bed.
  4. Fill your day in the interval by giving four hour gaps with fruits.

We shall give you tips on the rights foods and fruits to consume in our next article.

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