Nasyam is one of the treatment in the Panchakarma therapy which is mentioned in Ayurveda. An Ayurvedic detoxification therapy which involves application of herbal oils and liquid medicines through nostrils.

Nose being the gateway to the most precious asset of a human body, head, the therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases and ailments.

The treatment bestows a much needed nourishment and immunity to head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region by removing toxins.

In this treatment, medicated oil or herbal juice is administered in the nostril.

Benefits are :
1. Improves the cognitive faculties, strengthen the mind and improves the concentration
2. Tones the CNS and therefore calms the mind
3. Decongests the excess mucous lodged in the sinus cavities
4. Gives relief from frozen shoulder and cervical spondylosis